Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Orisinal Game - “The Crossing”

Ferry Halim, over at Orisinal Morning Sunshine, has launched a new game (his 59th), called The Crossing — see an image from the game above. The object of the game is to help the leaping deer cross a rushing stream. You control a moveable platform on which the deer can land and leap off again, and it really starts to get challenging as more and more deer keep approaching the stream, all running at different speeds.

Like all the Orisinal games (and that’s “Orisinal”, not “Original”, though they are that, too), it’s beautiful to look at, with a wonderful, relaxing musical soundtrack. Also, like almost all of the Orisinal games, it features animals for its characters, has very simple controls, and doesn’t promote violence and killing. Imagine that! If you’ve never tried any of his games, you really ought to pop on over and sample a few of them.


  1. hi :)

    by the way, do you have the soundtracks from orisinal? Im currently finding them.
    I would be very glad if you have the soundtracks and could send me. Thanks!

  2. pls email me if u have the soundtracks

    Thanks! :)

  3. Hi there. I don’t have any of them, no. But I think Ferry Halim usually gives credit to the composers, so you can probably find them out on the web. The choice of music for his games is always wonderful.

  4. I'm glad you like the Orisinal games as much as I do.

    I love the music for The Crossing.

    It's truly beautiful!

  5. Yes, it is! Thanks for stopping by, Joliee. :)

  6. please email me all the songs from orisinal games . :[) thank you for your time. my email address is:


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