Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One year online!

So now I can say tempus *really* fugit. It’s been a full year since the inception of Lingwë – Musings of a Fish. :)

Some 136 posts on a variety of topics — many of them quite arcane, I suppose, but judging by the growing feedback I have been receiving, welcome nonetheless. My daily traffic hasn’t grown a great deal yet, which may be for the best because it still allows me the freedom to respond to each comment individually. But I’ve had almost 3,500 unique visitors, with more than 10,000 pageviews. And the number of countries to have discovered Lingwë has grown sharply. I’m on the map, so to speak, in 95 countries, including such surprising visitors as Uzbekistan, Martinique, Bahrain, Cameroon, and Saudi Arabia. Still no ping from Iraq (despite hearing from most of its neighbors) — but I suppose the folks there have other priorities.

I should apologize for the sound of crickets around here over the last two weeks. I’ve been busy at work and at home, and I had another cold on top of that — my fourth in six months; what is wrong with my immune system?! But I’m back now and should be posting again regularly.


  1. Congratulations! I hope you will continue posting [arcane] posts for many years to come. I quite enjoy reading your blog...

  2. Thanks, Adanedhel, I definitely intend to. And by the way, thanks for putting me on your blogroll at Endorion.org. I’m not sure when you did that, but it’s appreciated! Greetings to everyone at the Bulgarian Tolkien Society. :)

  3. Jason

    Congrats and happy anniversary - Lingwe is my favorite blog! Love the subject of the blogs and keep those arcane subjects coming!! You are my blog role model! I have alot to blog but have been so busy at work that I have not had a chance! Look out for a couple of blogs on Elizabeth Waddingham's Evolution of Tolkien's Mythology and the excellent Inklings book with your great essay on The Third Theme of lluvatar. Especially interested in Tolkien's concept of the fall of Man and what the role of death was in Middle Earth (Gift or Curse?). Now I am off on holiday to Lisbon, Coimbra and Gimarices and I am bringing with me a used copy I found for £8 of Richard Sherman Loomis' Arthurian Myth in the Middle Ages - so some Arthurian blogs come on up as well! Congrats long may Lingwe wave!

    Cheers Andy Higgins

  4. Thanks, Andy! :)

    Lingwe is my favorite blog! Love the subject of the blogs and keep those arcane subjects coming!! You are my blog role model!

    Good heavens, that’s a lot to live up to, but thank you again! The kind words are much appreciated and gratefully accepted.

    I keep checking in faithfully at your blog also, and I’m looking forward to some of the upcoming posts and book reviews you hinted at. Glad to hear, as it seemed from your brief coments, that you enjoyed my essay in Truths.

    Vacation in Portugal, eh? Have a great time! Eu estou verde com inveja. :)


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