Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Six months online!

My, my, tempus fugit. It seems like only yesterday that I finally sat down to create a weblog. I’d wanted to do so for ages, but one thing led to another and that, to something else again, none of which was leading to a blog. But toward the end of last May, I decided it was time: and “Lingwë – Musings of a Fish” was born.

And here it is six months later, and verging on 100 posts. Lingwë seems to be doing well. Some posts have generated a fair amount of commentary (though admittedly, much of it is mine, hahae). A few posts have been on the frothy or gossipy side, but I think a good majority have been a bit meatier and (I hope) more interesting.

It also seems that I have a small, but growing, audience, and I’ve earned a spot on several blogrolls. Lately, I’ve been gathering statistics on the site’s traffic, with fascinating results. On average, it seems I get about 30 visitors a day, which isn’t too bad for a new, and rather arcane, website. The most surprising discovery is the fact that I’ve been visited from 55 different countries, including some really unexpected ones, like Libya, Thailand, Guyana, and even Iran. Here’s the Top 10:

01. U.S.
02. U.K.
03. Belgium
04. Canada
05. Germany
06. Japan (Yes, I’m “Big in Japan” ;)
07. Philippines
08. Australia
09. Finland
10. Bulgaria

Finland — score! Elias Lönnrot would be so proud.


  1. Congratulations then. I bet you didn't expect Bulgaria too, heh :)

  2. Thanks Adanedhel! :)

    And no, I didn’t expect Bulgaria (although there is a large contingency of Tolkien fans there). Nor did I expect Pakistan, Singapore, Egypt, Morocco, and Nigeria to be in the Top 25. Okay, well, maybe Nigeria.

  3. Now you'll have more visits from Poland too. The blog is wonderful, full of very interesting information. Thank you very much!

    We have published your theory on Tolkien's surname at Elendilion:

    Have a nice day!

  4. Like Cliff in "Singles", you are loved in Belgium!

    Now you're ready to rock Budokon!

  5. Galadhorn, thank you very much for the kind comments — and the link. Now I must learn Polish. ;)

    By the way, Poland is currently #11 on the list of countries visiting me, and probably soon to reach the Top 10. Like Bulgaria, I know there is a large Tolkien community in Poland. Even better, my wife is part Polish (her surname is Jaroch). Myself, I’m part Czech, as you can read in an earlier post, here.

  6. Right you are, PJ. Now I guess I need to learn some more Flemish. I’m pretty comfortable with French, so I’d be in good shape among the Walloons. My Dutch, not so much.

  7. Hello from the Philippines! *waves* =)

    you're on my rss reader hehe ;-)

  8. Hello, Ulan! Great to see you! *waves back* Pass my greetings along to everbody there in the Philippine Tolkien Society. :)


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