Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Tom Shippey review in TLS

A nice segue from my post yesterday about Jacob Grimm ...

The Times Literary Supplement has just published its review of a new book by Joep Leerssen, National Thought in Europe: A Cultural History. The book looks interesting, but even better, the review is by Tom Shippey, a man who may be even better qualified to write on the subject than Mr. Leerssen himself! As usual, Shippey’s writing is lively and entertaining, and he even manages to work in a reference to Tolkien right near the beginning.

Enjoy the review. :)


  1. Shippey reviews pretty often in the TLS (by which I mean, oh, once a year or so - - my impression).

  2. Yes, I’ve read a number of them. The last ten years or so are on the TLS website — earlier than that, I don’t know. Shippey sometimes reviews modern (fantasy) fiction, too, which is interesting.