Friday, September 28, 2007

Cracking the top 10,000

It may not sound like much, but my Amazon reviewer rank just went below 10,000 — to 9,793, in fact (as of the time of this writing). If that doesn’t sound too impressive, just bear in mind that when I started, less than a year ago, my initial rank after one review was 667,811! Give me more time, and I hope to eventually crack the top 1,000, at which point, I’ll get a badge of recognition for my trouble.

If you want to help me do this, feel free to visit my reviews and vote them helpful (if you do find them helpful, that is). I only wish you could do it right from that link, but you’ll actually have to visit the product page, find the review and vote for it there. Several of them are right on the product page, under the “Most Helpful Customer Reviews” section (e.g., most of the Tolkien reviews), but others are buried on a deeper page. I’m probably kidding myself that anyone will take the time, eh? ;)


  1. You got my vote, brother!

  2. Sweet! Top 1,000 here I come! ;)

  3. I love your reviews! They are thorough, thoughtful, and very helpful. They are the kind of thing I wish I had time to write, but I lack your devotion and reputation. I'll vote for you!