Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tolkien Studies Volume 9

Although I have been hearing that paper copies of the new issue of Tolkien Studies (Volume 9, 2012) will not ship until September, I’m happy to announce that the complete issue is now up on Project Muse. Unfortunately for me, I no longer have Project Muse access. Can anyone help?

Omitting the usual front and back matter, here’s what we can all look forward to reading. Notice that my book is reviewed by Paul Edmund Thomas. Cannot wait to see that!

— Articles —

Untold Tales: Solving a Literary Dilemma
Peter Grybauskas

“Beneath the Earth’s dark keel”: Tolkien and Geology
Gerard Hynes

Law and Arda
Douglas C. Kane

“Justice is not Healing”: J. R. R. Tolkien’s Pauline Constructs in “Finwë and Míriel”
Amelia A. Rutledge

— Book Reviews —

Tolkien and Wales: Language, Literature and Identity (review)
Marjorie Burns

Middle-earth and Beyond: Essays on the World of J. R. R. Tolkien (review)
John D. Rateliff

The Ecological Augury in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien (review)
Kristine Larsen

Tolkien and the Study of His Sources (review)
Paul Edmund Thomas

Picturing Tolkien: Essays on Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy (review)
Anne C. Petty

The Ring and the Cross: Christianity and The Lord of The Rings, and: Light Beyond All Shadow: Religious Experience in Tolkien’s Work (review)
Jonathan Evans


  1. Jason, the new issue is not up yet on Project Muse.

  2. Well, it is and it isn't. Jason has found the url leading directly to the latest issue, even though it's not visible if you go to the general Tolkien Studies page on ProjectMuse. Copying the relevant portion of that address, you should be able to bring it up the volume through your PM subscriber (as I just did via my local public library's subscription).

  3. Right. Follow the link I gave in the post, and this will take you right to it. They’ll eventually sort out all of their links, but for the short term, a little URL-hacking does the trick. ;)

  4. Jason

    I have access to MUSE and will check it out today. love your announcements first the Shippey Festschrift now this - there is a lot of good Tolkien reading ahead!

    Best Andy

  5. Thanks N.E. Brigand and Jason Fisher! What did you think of the review of your book, Jason?

  6. Wow, I'm surprised to hear that it is available already. Nice to see my name in there, though. ;-)

  7. Josh, the review was very positive! I’ll be writing up something about it here on the blog, but probably not until next week. I’ve got Mythcon this weekend, and I’m still polishing my paper. ;)

  8. Congrats Doug!

    Jason, it was positive, but I wish the reviewer would have looked at each essay (as Rateliff did in his review essay).

  9. So you’ve read it too! The reviewer took an interesting approach, I thought. I might have wished for more specific engagement with each individual essay, but I liked that he established a set of criteria for judging the book’s merits, and then determined which essays were the strongest in each of those areas. That way, everybody got a chance to shine, each in their own facet.

  10. A lot of interesting stuff in this one, thanks for sharing! Personally I'm looking forward to Doug's article, as well as a number of the book reviews. Of course yours Jason, but also Jan and Phil's _Picturing Tolkien_! Time to get on Project Muse before my university affiliation runs out!

  11. Luke, I'm glad to see you are looking forward to my article! I'll be interested to hear what you think!

  12. Hello! I just found your website, searching for some information about the Tolkien Studies journal (I have just discovered my university doesn't have access to MUSE, that's sad :( At least the first volume is available for free download. Also I have seen your book in Amazon, while searching for some Tolkien-related books, at an academic level, it's in my waiting list for book-buying!

    I'm simply a Physics and Classics student from Costa Rica, of course, big Tolkien fan, and now I'm trying to get a more academic approach. I would love to formally receive a Tolkien-related university course, as those you mentioned in other posts! I also have a very small, humble, blog about Tolkien, it's about all things inspired by Tolkien, like art, music, films, names of streets in cities, etc. I haven't had much time to update it in the recent months, but hopefully I will do it again in december. It's http://tolkien-inspiration.blogspot.com/, if you want to have a look.

    Cheers and glad I found this site!