Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I’ve made it into the Encyclopedia Britannica … sort of

Just a quick notice today. A friend brought this to my attention on Monday: content from Mythlore, the peer-reviewed journal of the Mythopoeic Society, is available in the online Encyclopedia Britannica (in a section of their website captioned “Additional Content”). Follow this link to see everything they have; follow this link to see what they've got by yours truly (so far). You can’t read entire articles or book reviews unless you have a subscription to the EB, but if you do, this is a convenient way to read Mythlore.


  1. Wayne Hammond10/29/2010 7:41 PM

    There's actually one more of your works there, Jason, which won't show up in your search as your surname is misspelled "Fischer" in the Britannia metadata. (Likewise I noticed an article by "Micke Foster".) I have access to the full database through my college. The inclusive limit of Mythlore content seems to be 2007-2010.

  2. Wayne, thanks for making me aware of this. When you have a moment, could you tell me the title of the article where my name is misspelled?