Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haitian Creole joins Google Language Tools

No doubt prompted by the recent earthquake and the surge in interest the tragedy has brought with it, Google Language Tools has just added Haitian Creole to its language offerings. It’s still in ALPHA mode, meaning it may not be quite ready for prime time, but give it a spin. Anyone out there reading this with the appropriate background, please feel free to let us know how accurate the translations are. One note: as of the time of my writing this, you won’t see the language in the dropdown list on the front page of GLT; you need to get to the second screen — i.e., just do any translation, it doesn’t matter what; then you should see “Haitian Creole ALPHA” on the dropdown list.

Also, considering how many times I’ve written about Google Language Tools (this post makes five), I decided it was high time for a label. So, if you want to find these posts more quickly in the future, just use the ‘Google’ label below.

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