Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow in Dallas — in March!

Snow isn’t very common here in Dallas — a fact which makes a lot of sense when you consider that we’re at the same latitude as the northern Sahara of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia as well as the arid Near East of Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. We do get it occasionally, but it’s seldom very much, seldom stays on the ground very long, and seldom never falls in March! But here we are with snow twice in one week in March (with the possibility of still more scattered flurries today and tonight). The system that passed through yesterday dropped as much as 9 inches of snow on parts of North Texas (and brought tornadoes as well). Oh, and between the snowfalls, we had a sunny, beautiful, 71° day. Madness!

Here’s a video showing what it looked like in parts of Dallas:

Near our house, we only got a light dusting (“no more than a white coverlet to cool a hobbit’s toes”). Here are a few photos I took this morning near White Rock Lake (click to enlarge):

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