Friday, August 3, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe, Icelandic mood music, and a dwarf who turns into a fish

Two posts in one day? But that’s madness! ;) And what could I possibly mean by that enigmatic title? Read on!

It’s funny how one thing can lead to another, isn’t it? Yesterday, my wife Jennifer sent me a link to an interview with Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who portrays Harry Potter in the films. It was a very interesting read (note: the interview contains SPOILERS about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), but one of the most interesting details was Radcliffe’s mention of the Icelandic musical act, Sigur Rós. I’d never heard of them but was intrigued. I took a look at Amazon for reviews and samples from the album Radcliffe praised, Takk..., and what to my wandering eye should appear? They have a track called “Andvari” — unfortunately, the only one you can’t sample. Andvari, of course, is the dwarf who took on the likeness of a great pike in the Old Norse Völsungasaga, and he’s particularly close to my own heart: a) because he’s a kind of fish, like me; b) his father, Oinn, was one of the models for Tolkien’s dwarves in The Hobbit (though more clearly drawn from another Old Norse source); and c) because his name in the Middle High German version of the legend (the Nibelungenlied) is given as Alberich, a reasonably close cognate to my own middle name, Aldrich. Remembering the riddling words of Loki, “What fish of all fishes, / Swims strong in the flood, / But hath learnt little wit to beware?” — it’s like he knows me, isn’t it?! ;)

Funny how one thing leads you to another. And thanks to Daniel Radcliffe for indirectly recommending another interesting band taking inspiration from mythology.


  1. I wonder if Sigur Rós's sales went on that album after DR mentioned them? I'm curious enough to add one to my next Amazon order. They should give him a share of the royalties... :)

  2. Ah, I should have mentioned Sigur Ros to you when I saw you last. I have a few of their songs on my much-maligned iPod, from the album "()", including the haunting (and untitled) "Track 1".

  3. I’m likely to get a copy of Takk... myself, on the strength of the samples on Amazon. It sounds spacy, moody, and contemplative. Gary, you can play me what you have on the drive into Vermont next April. :) Where did you get it, Indiefeed?

    And you’re right, Cat Bastet, I think Sigur Rós owe Daniel Radcliffe at least a signed copy of their complete works (in a gesture worthy of Gilderoy Lockhart :)


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