Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What the fudge*, Amazon?!

I just received an email alerting me that the issue with my disappearing review of Dirk Vander Ploeg’s book, Quest for Middle-earth, “has been resolved”, so naturally, I high-tailed it to the product page straightaway to gloat over its restoration to prominence. But no! Trickery and chicanery worthy of Loki himself! Not only is my review still M.I.A. (but yet I can still find it via the comments, so it definitely still exists), but now, the product page no longer includes it in its statistics for the reviews and ratings of the book.

And even more mysterious, there’s another (new) five-star review for this abominable mockery of Tolkien — and a terribly written one at that. So, now that my review has somehow been excluded from the statistics, DvP’s book has all the appearance of a highly recommended five-star title!

What’s going on here?! Methinks I scent a conspiracy! “Awake! Awake! Fear, Fire, Foes! Awake!”

* No, not Cornelius Fudge. ;)

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